The registration of the asylum application

The foreigner applies for asylum at the Immigration Office (IO), which registers the application. The IO determines the language in which the asylum procedure will proceed and asks questions about the applicant's personal data. Upon registration, the applicant submits all the relevant documents he has with him.

What country is responsible?

The IO determines whether Belgium is responsible for the asylum investigation and applies the 'Dublin III Regulation'.

The questionnaire

At the IO, the applicant fills in the CGRS questionnaire with the help of an interpreter. In this questionnaire, he states the reasons why he has fled his country of origin. In every subsequent application, the applicant has to give new reasons.

The IO employee reads the answers to the questionnaire to the applicant, who signs for approval and receives a copy of the questionnaire.

The IO sends the asylum file to the CGRS, which will examine it thoroughly.

Reception and guidance

After the registration of his asylum application, the applicant can contact Fedasil for a place in a reception centre, material help and guidance (social, legal and medical. The offices are located in the same building.

Belgium has around 50 reception centres for applicants for international protection, managed by Fedasil or by one of its partners (for example the Red Cross). These are open centres and they all offer the same services: accommodation, guidance, support in daily life and activities in the neighbourhood.


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