The examination

After the interview the protection officer will examine the credibility of the applicant's statements. Afterwards the protection officer will check if the applicant for international protection qualifies for refugee status or subsidiary protection status. The Commissioner General takes the final decision on the asylum application.

The types of decisions

On the basis of the elements in the file, the Commissioner General can take a positive or negative decision.

The Commissioner General may exclude the applicant from a protection status or change an earlier decision of protection.

The motivation of the decision

The Commissioner General explains in an extensive motivation the reasons why he does not grant refugee status and/or subsidiary protection status. The rejected applicant for international protection and his lawyer get access to the file and to the information the decision is based on.

The decision terms

The CGRS takes a decision as quickly as possible. In some cases, it may take a little longer for an applicant to receive a decision. For a number of decisions, the Commissioner General takes a decision within a short period of time. The decision times are only indicative terms.

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