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30 Oct 2020

EASO COI Report Iraq Security Situation provides information about relevant security trends at national and governorate levels for the period 1 January 2019 – 31 July 2020.

This report is an update of the EASO COI report on Iraq, Security situation, published in March 2019.

This report is the last of a series of Iraq reports produced in 2020, covering – besides the security situation – also key socio-economic indicators and the targeting of individuals of different profiles.

The report was co-drafted by EASO and Belgium, Office of the Commissioner General for Refugees and Stateless Persons, Cedoca (Centre for Documentation and Research).

30 Oct 2020

This report is an update of the EASO COI report on Pakistan, Security Situation, October 2019. The reference period for the events described in this report is from 1 August 2019 until 31 July 2020.

The drafting of this report was finalised on 14 August 2020. Some additional information was added during the finalisation of this report in response to feedback received during the quality control process, until 18 September 2020.

This report was drafted by a COI specialist from the Belgian Centre for Documentation and Research (Cedoca) in the Office of the Commissioner General for Refugees and Stateless Persons.

19 Oct 2020

Dit onderzoek buigt zich over de specifieke situatie van seksuele minderheden en transgenders in Colombia. Cedoca gebruikt in deze COI Focus de term seksuele minderheden en transgenders steeds in zijn geheel om de situatie voor deze groep personen te beschrijven. Indien er verschillende situaties worden vastgesteld voor enerzijds seksuele minderheden of anderzijds transgenders geeft Cedoca dit steeds duidelijk aan. Daar waar de bron zelf de term LGBT gebruikt, neemt Cedoca de terminologie van de bron consequent over. Deze COI Focus behandelt de periode januari 2015 tot september 2020 en bestaat uit drie delen. Het onderzoek werd afgesloten op 19 oktober 2020.

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29 March 2018

L’objectif de ce COI Focus est de faire le point sur les conditions de sécurité en Turquie depuis le 12 juillet 2015, date qui annonce la rupture du cessez-le-feu entre les autorités turques et le Parti des travailleurs du Kurdistan (Partiya Karkeren Kurdistan, PKK), et plus spécifiquement entre le 14 septembre 2017 (date de la précédente mise à jour) et le 29 mars 2018. La recherche documentaire pour cette mise à jour s’est terminée le 29 mars 2018.

14 September 2017

This COI Focus describes the security situation in Tukey since 12 July 2015, when the cease-fire between the Turkish government and the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (Partiya Karkeren Kurdistan, PKK) came to an end, and more specifically the situation between 24 March 2017 (date of the previous update) and 14 September 2017.

16 November 2016

This Country Focus report on Turkey was written at the request of both the European Parliament and the European Council for general background information and more detailed information relevant for international protection status determination and for the assessment of the applicability of the safe country of origin concept to Turkey.


20 August 2020

The purpose of this report is to provide relevant information for the assessment of international protection status, including the determination of refugee status and subsidiary protection.

This COI report is a joint initiative of the European Asylum Support Office (EASO) and the Secretariat of the Intergovernmental Consultations on Migration, Asylum and Refugees (IGC). It builds on the first joint COI workshop between EASO and IGC, which covered Colombia and Venezuela and was held in Geneva in September 2019.

The drafting of this report was finalised on 20 July 2020. Any event taking place after this date is not included in this report.


15 May 2020

Het doel van dit onderzoek is een stand van zaken op te maken over de algemene situatie in Venezuela. Het onderzoek richt zich hierbij op de politieke situatie, de veiligheidssituatie en de socio-economische situatie van het land om een zo breed mogelijke analyse te maken van de huidige stand van zaken. De situatie van specifieke profielen, zoals bijvoorbeeld politieke activisten, vormen geen voorwerp van deze analyse. Het onderzoek richt zich in het bijzonder op de periode van 1 mei 2019 tot mei 2020. Het onderzoek werd afgesloten op 15 mei 2020.

01 July 2019

This COI Focus is an addendum to the COI Focus Venezuela. Situation sécuritaire of 4 April 2019. It sheds light on recent developments in Venezuela, in particular the attempted coup on 30 April 2019 and its political consequences for the opposition movement of Juan Guaidó and for the regime of President Nicolás Maduro. This COI Focus also surveys recently published information on the targets of human rights violations in Venezuela.

The reporting period of this COI Focus ends on 4 June 2019.


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