CGRS grants asylum to more than 5,500 Syrians

Between 2011 and May 2015, the CGRS has granted asylum to 5,528 Syrians. So far, the protection rate for Syrians in 2015 is 97 %. Syria is the first country in the top 5 of countries of origin with the highest number of protection statuses granted by the CGRS. By doing so, the CGRS fully accomplishes its mission, i.e. granting protection to persons in need of protection.

Since March 2011, a civil war with a devastating impact on the civilian population is raging in Syria, with a huge number of casualties, displaced persons and refugees.

Most refugees who fled the country now live in neighbouring countries such as Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon, often in very precarious circumstances. Some of them managed to flee to Europe in search for safety.

09 July 2015