From 8 June onwards, personal interviews will be gradually resumed at the CGRS. The health of our staff, of applicants and other visitors remains a priority.

On Friday 13 March, the Commissioner General decided to suspend the interviews until further notice in order to prevent the coronavirus from spreading.

In accordance with the decision taken by the National Security Council on 18 March 2020, we decided to focus on cases for which an interview had already been held. At the same time, we started to prepare an action plan to restart the interviews.

Various scenarios have been examined for the resumption of the interviews: organizing interviews through skype and restarting interviews at the CGRS. In the short term, the only possible option is to resume the interviews at the CGRS.

Initially, we will hold a limited number of interviews every day. For the time being, minor asylum applicants will not be invited to the CGRS.

In order for the interviews to take place in the best possible conditions, we have taken a series of measures in order to:

  • guarantee that the interviews can take place in compliance with social distancing and hygiene rules.
  • prevent that ill or infected persons come to the CGRS. We have made arrangements with Fedasil to prevent ill or infected persons from coming to the CGRS. Interpreters and lawyers are also made aware of the importance to follow this rule strictly, and the CGRS will see to it that they do so.

In order to protect everyone, both staff members and visitors, we will take the following protective measures:

  • Applicants will be invited at staggered hours.
  • Applicants have to wait outside until they are allowed to enter for their personal interview. The waiting room of the CGRS remains closed.
  • Wearing a face mask is mandatory on the way between the reception desk and the interview room. Wearing a face mask is not mandatory during the interview.
  • Plexiglass screens will be installed between all the persons present in the interview room.

You will find herewith a list of all the measures taken by the CGRS.




27 May 2020

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