A new brochure on the social status of (candidate) translator/interpreters

The CGRS uses the services of around 200 translators/interpreters, for a total of about 80 languages and dialects. They serve as interpreters for asylum interviews and work for the CGRS on a freelance basis. They are paid per assignment. The Immigration Office (IO) and the Council for Alien Law Litigation (CALL) also use the services of interpreters in the context of the asylum procedure.

It is very important for (candidate) translators/interpreters to have accurate information about their social status. This new brochure answers the questions most commonly asked about the social status of translators/interpreters who work, or would like to work, for one of the 3 asylum authorities.

This brochure can be downloaded from http://www.cgrs.be/en/working-for-the-cgrs, under ‘Status of Translator-Interpreter” in the Vacancies tab.

06 February 2017
New address CGRS