New protection officers to attend personal interviews through webcam

In March and April 2020, the CGRS welcomed a large number of new protection officers. In spite of the lockdown, they were able to finish a large part of their training. They also have to attend a number of personal interviews as part of their training.

The new protection officers can personally attend the interview if there are no more than four persons in the room. This means that they can attend the interview when there is no interpreter and/or lawyer present.

They can also attend personal interviews through webcam. In that case, the personal interview is transmitted live in another room, where several protection officers can follow the interview. The personal interview is not recorded and no images of the personal interview will be spread. The personal interview can only be followed live. The CGRS strictly respects the privacy of every applicant for international protection.

Just like the protection officer who does the interview, the protection officers who follow the personal interview through webcam are bound by professional secrecy.

By means of an annex to the letter of invitation, we inform both applicants and lawyers about the possibility of being filmed. At the beginning of the personal interview, the protection officer asks permission to use the webcam. The applicant has the right to refuse without providing any explanation. It goes without saying that a refusal will not have any consequences for the applicant.

If an applicant invited for a personal interview does not want to be filmed by webcam, he/she can inform the CGRS about this by sending an e-mail to His/her name and public security number should also be clearly mentioned in this mail.

02 July 2020

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