Interviews of unaccompanied minors to restart at CGRS

The interviews of unaccompanied minor applicants will soon restart at the CGRS. Starting from 9 july, guardians will be contacted to make an appointment for the interview of their ward.

Who will be invited first for an interview?

Minors who have been in the asylum procedure the longest will in principle be invited first, as well as minors under 12.

Depositing personal documents and supporting documents

It is important for the CGRS to have all the necessary identity documents and other documents supporting the minor’s identity, nationality and asylum grounds, so as to ensure a smooth personal interview and a swift processing of the application. Guardians will receive an accompanying letter enclosed with their invitation, with the request to submit the necessary documents before their warden’s interview.

Special measures

The health of our staff, of the applicants and of all other visitors to the CGRS is still a priority. As a result, it is not possible in the current circumstances to use the interview rooms for children.

For everyone’s protection, visitors as well as staff, the following measures are currently applied:

  • visitors are invited at staggered hours, more specifically at 9.00, 9.30 or 10.00 a.m.
  • visitors have to wait outside with their guardian until they are called in for the personal interview. The CGR waiting room remains closed.
  • On the way between the reception desk and the interview room, wearing a face mask is mandatory for children over 12, their guardian and lawyer. Wearing a face mask is optional during the interview.  
  • There are plexiglass screens in the interview room between all persons present.

 More information and a video clip can be found under ‘Info Corona’ at the top of this page.


Requests to accelerate the examination of a dossier

The CGRS is currently facing a heavy caseload and special working conditions. Many minors have already been waiting for their personal interview for some time. This situation is a source of stress for all those involved. To ensure an equitable waiting time for all, requests to accelerate a dossier should be limited to truly special cases.


08 July 2020

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